Welfare Ministry

Word to World Welfare Ministry

There were many poor people living in huts around the ecumenical centre Brother had built in Bangalore. So on the first Christmas after the completion of the centre, Brother distributed food packets to these poor people on Christmas day. This continued for a couple of years. Then someone informed Brother there were many in utter poverty in a mountainous region near the Kerala border. It used to be part of a tea estate, but the owner had abandoned it due to litigation problems. Around one hundred families were living in a pathetic situation without employment, medical aid and electricity to the area was cutoff because the owner defaulted payment. Brother himself visited the area, assessed the situation and on Christmas day returned with provisions for each family, which included 12 pounds of rice and other essentials required for cooking - even salt and sugar.

God has been blessing this ministry mightily, through the little sacrifices of its members - sacrificing something as little as one dish during a Christmas party. By the grace of God, in 2013, Word to World Welfare was able to provide food packets worth Rs. 550 including a Christmas cake to over 947 families for Christmas. Many are in wonder, when they hear that these poor people tasted a piece of cake for the first time in their lives.
Brother continue to visit such places ever since and minister there.


The ‘Share a Meal’ movement originated while Brother was dining at a restaurant in Delhi. When the large portion of ordered food was brought out, Brother realized he would not be able to eat even 40% of the delicious meal before him. He neither wanted it to be packed and carried nor wanted to leave it there to be thrown away. As usual he asked his Master to show him a way and immediately came the reply. “You gave me something to eat,” the words of his Master and Savior rung in his ears. Brother packed half of the food, and after lunch started walking back to his hotel. Along the way, he met a poor mother and her child who were stretching their hands to passersby for help. Thus Brother started this unique ministry in the streets of Delhi, to give a meal for the poor and needy found on the roads. The 'Share a Meal' movement is unique in that, there is no organization, collection of money, or any form of propaganda. It is based on one’s personal sacrifice to share a meal to feed someone poor, helpless, and hungry found on the wayside.

Hundreds are joining the movement, some sharing their meals once or several times a week, or many times a month. Participants are welcome to email Brother at shareameal@wordtoworld.com, as Brother would uphold them in his prayers to provide them food, so that they can share it with those who are less fortunate than them. One can gain entry into Brother’s prayer list when they mail him soon after sharing their first meal. And when anyone starts sharing, the joy they experience with their small sacrifice propels them to do it more and more; because Jesus sees them and tells them, “You gave me something to eat.