Outreach Ministry

Church Builder

Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis' vision was far beyond the familiar concept of church planting and went high into the horizons of church building. The refusal of established churches to give their facilities for worship to his newly planted Inter-Denominational fasting prayer fellowships across the globe led him to the vision to build churches that would facilitate worship not only for his ministry, but others who were unable to find a place of worship. Inter Denominational Christ Church

Thus the first Inter Denominational Christ Church was built in New York breaking the barriers of Church affiliations and sectarian dogmas. This church was built and designed by Brother in the eastern style of church architecture. Raising funds by seeking public donations including churches and congregations is a common sight in today’s church building. But Brother’s vision is that churches should be built with the resources God had given its members. He led by example with his own personal donation of $75,000 from his life-savings.

The second church was built in Moinabad, Hyderabad in India with this very same principle for hundreds of Telugu brethren who had experienced the power and presence of Jesus Christ. Brother himself designed it with a blend of Gothic architecture.

It was Brother’s unique design and vision that converted the ground floor of the three storey Ecumenical Convention Center into a beautiful church in Bangalore, the Garden City of Karnataka, India, overcoming the obstructions of beams and pillars within the existing structure.

It was his zeal for worship which led him to build the Inter Denominational Christ Church Chapel in the premises of the Word to World Television Studios in Trivandrum, India.

The Christian world today is marred by Churches and Congregations who force the closure of dwelling places of the Almighty God in bitter rivalry and litigation for their ownership and control. In the process, they convert these Holy Sanctuaries of the Almighty God into dwelling dens of the devil. It is here that the Inter Denominational Christ Churches serve as a beacon radiating Heavenly Glory by opening their doors for people who do not have a facility of their own to worship the Almighty God.

Kids Kingdom & Inter Denominational Children's Christian Fellowship

Today the world is alarmed by the moral decay of the younger generation. Violence, drug addiction, killings, and sexual abuse is ever rampant among the teenagers and the youth. King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived on this planet advises, “Train up a child in the way he should go; Even when he is old he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6). It is based on this principle Brother founded these children ministries to mold children right from an early age in the fear of God, teaching them His Word and honing their talents for building His Kingdom.

Warriors of Word

Ever since he heeded the call of His Savior and Master Jesus Christ, Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis has started several forums for prayer to fortify the relationship of his flock with the great Shepherd, so that they will be led by the power of the Holy Spirit in constant communication with the Lord in prayer. His watch word is “Prayer is power” and his first formed prayer ministry was the Prayer Circle. The Prayer Circle members were given a wakeup call at 5:45 AM and they prayed between 6 and 6:15 AM wherever they were. Then the Praise Circle was formed for praying in sudden emergencies. The Prayer circle was developed into home cells called Word World Watch, wherein 4 - 5 families assembled once a week and prayed for the various prayer requests received.

The Warriors of Word was formed during the annual 72 hour fasting prayer held at New York in December 2012 as a modified, unified forum of all the prayer ministries started by Brother. “WOW”, as it is called, has its warriors praying in different parts of the world for the numerous prayer requests and topics of the ministry.

Inter Denominational Fasting Prayer Fellowship

Inter Denominational Fasting Prayer Fellowship is an allied ministry of the Inter Denominational Christian Fellowship International that aims to promote, prepare and host fasting prayers across the different parts of the world.