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Word Melody World

Word Melody WorldMusic enchants human hearts beyond the boundaries of cultures, countries and languages. The biggest book of the Bible "Psalms" contains nothing but songs of praises and prayers to the Almighty God set in different tunes of Hebrew culture. Though Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis has no background in music or the composition of lyrics, the Holy Spirit has used him in a wonderful manner to pen and tune more than 400 praises and prayers in four languages which includes Malayalam, Telugu, English and the Paniya languages and present them to the Christian world through his musical Ministry “Word Melody World”.

Incidentally the Paniya language has no script and has a population of about only 125,000 on earth and the album "Yechuna Adukka" is the one and only piece of music the Paniya people have ever had or heard in their language.

The beautiful composition Brother sang overlooking the ruins of the ancient Biblical city of Nineveh, when his flight had made an emergency landing in Diyarbakır Airport, may be the only one of its kind in Biblical history. So also, the lines he sang on Jerusalem while walking on the soil of the holy land soaked in the blood of the prophets of God, apostles and the Son of God Himself would touch any heart and is the first of its kind in any Indian language in the last hundred years.

The lyrics and tunes of Brother’s spiritual music enchants the listeners, lifting and leading their hearts to heavenly peace, hope and faith, comforting them, as these lyrics arise from the depths of his amazing experience of God, gained from his faith and sanctified spiritual walk.

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