Bible Ministry

Bible Translation

The Christian world has yet to recognize the amazing contribution Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis has single handedly made to get the Word of God into the hands of the common man in the language of his heart. It is Brother’s vision and belief that the Word of God should be the breath and life of the children of God.

His translation of the Bible into the South Indian language of Malayalam - the Visudha Satyavedapusthakam, is one of the greatest works in the history of Bible translations into Indian languages. It stands above all other Bible translations in Indian languages with its unique features of subtitle index, meditations, and photographs of the most important places in Bible history, and insights and expositions of the hidden treasures of the Bible. The “Subtitle index” is a unique feature of Brother's Bible which enables the reader to search and find any topic of the Bible within seconds. No other translation of the Bible in Indian languages has this feature, along with the rarest photographs of Quarantal (the mountain on which Jesus had fasted for 40 days) and other historic places in the life of Jesus.

The Christian Walk Bible is the first study Bible in English or any language, featuring an in-depth study of the discipline of Fasting Prayer commanded by God as an everlasting statute for His people.

The Paniyas are a decaying ethnic South Indian tribe with a population of 125,000, without a script for their Paniya language. Brother’s presentation of the New Testament to the Paniyas in their language serves as a great testimony to his vision to see the Word of God translated into every language. This is the first and only piece of literature thus far in their language.

Brother took another stride towards this goal by presenting the Gospel of Mark to the Jennu Kurumba ethnic tribe, who number about 60,000, and speak the Jennu Kurumba language which too has no script. The New Testament in the Jennu Kurumba language is nearing completion. Brother did a glorious feat for the Almighty God when he presented the "Navo Karar" (the New Testament) in the Banjara language to the 200,000 people of the Lambadi tribe scattered in Karnataka, India.

Brother's efforts were instrumental in the translation of the Holy Bible into Telegu - Parishudha Satya Vaakya Granthamu, which is a word for word translation of the Brother's Malayalam Bible, the Visudha Satyavedapusthakam.

Bible Towers

'A reading Christian is a growing Christian' goes the old dictum. Brother recognized this principle and started a chain of Christian bookshops in Kerala naming them ‘Bible Towers’ for the spread of the Word of God, as well as Christian literature and resources.

Word Revival Mission

The ‘Word Revival Mission’ inaugurated on the 31st of December 2013 during the annual fasting prayer was founded to encourage and enlarge the spread of the Word of God.

Bibles for Bibleless Ministry

Bibles For Bibleless The Bibles for Bibleless ministry was formed by Brother to gift Bibles to anyone who could not afford a bible of their own or did not have the facility to get a Bible for reading as those in prisons, correctional facilities, long term nursing homes, orphanages and old age homes. (

The Blue Bible ministry started by Brother in Kerala, prints Bibles with a signature blue color spine and places them in hospital wards and rooms for the patients admitted therein to be able to read the Word of God. Most of the patients in turn take these Bibles away with them after being discharged.

Scripture Sharing Students

Scripture Sharing Students The goal of Scripture Sharing Students is to gift free Bibles to students from Kindergarten to the doctorate level, across the world. The activities of Scripture Sharing Students Societies will include colleges, schools, orphanages, youth camps, Sunday schools or any activity involving students. (


Brother conducts state-of-the art exhibitions that showcase the history and growth of the Word of God, and also displays various Christian artifacts.